Xeovalga (ゼオバルガ Zeobaruga, meaning "Diamond Eagle" in the Aon language) is one of the four playable character from the game Druaga Online: The Story of Aon. Xeovalga is the most powerful character, but also the slowest. Instead of using armor like the other characters, Xeovalga replaces his body parts.


Xeovalga is an ancient machine that was inactive in a forest of Aon for thousands of years. During the game, Druaga's forces invaded and burned the village of a young boy named Lavi. He is hunted down by the demon army to a nearby forest. There, Xeovalga reactivated and started to attack the soldiers, saving Lavi. Without memory of his past, Xeovalga assists Lavi to save his brothers and they head to Ishtario to protect themselves from the invading forces. However, the holy land had been occupied by Druaga's forces and they are attacked, and they help rescue Princess Inana alongside Gilgamesh, Young Ki and Walküre. After the battle, Princess Inana asks the four warriors to assist her rescue the land and defeat Druaga.