Utu (ウトゥ) is a character from the anime The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk and The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk. Utu is a warrior encased in armor and he is the main attacker of the group, wielding a battle axe. While the mask of his helm has been lifted twice so far in the series, it has always been at an angle that denies the audience the chance to see his face, thus leaving his appearance and age unknown.

He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Kent Williams in the English dub.


The Aegis of UrukEdit

Utu is a member of Neeba's party climbing the Tower of Druaga. In episode one, Jil dreams he was killed by the Black Knight, and he cannot remember his name. When Jil awakens, it's shown Utu is the one carrying him away from the monsters. In episode nine, when the group becomes separated from a great fall from a bridge, he travels with Kally and Coopa, but becomes separated from Kally when protecting Coopa from Pazuzu, though while not present at his comrade's death, he is aware of his fate and informs the rest of his group.



The Sword of UrukEdit

Six months after Neeba and Kaaya's betrayal, Utu became a professional wrestler named Captain Morrow, but later helps avoid Jil and Fatina from becoming arrested for rescuing a younger version of Ki. He later joins Jil's company to climb the tower again in order to save Kaaya.  He also used his prize money to buy an axe that can turn into any melee weapons.

A running gag throughout the beginning of the second season is that none of the main characters (except for Fatina) recognize Utu without his helm on. In the last episode, Utu confesses his romantic feelings towards Fatina; though she rejects him, they remained friends. After the events at the tower, he and Fatina adventure together.

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