The Tower of Druaga: The Recovery of Babylim, also known as The Tower of Druaga: The Phantom of Gilgamesh, is a free play computer MMORPG. The beta test began in December 2007, and the game was released in 2008. The game is a spin-off based on the anime.


In another time, in another world, prince Gilgamesh had defeated Druaga and peace returned to Babylim. Gil became the king and hero of the land, and Ki became his wife. However, one day the Tower of Druaga returned and monsters began to wander the land, and even animals went mad. As Gil and Ki left in a journey several months ago, the prime minister Sargon recruited adventurers to discover what is happening and recover Babylim.



ドルアーガの塔~the Recovery of BABYLIM~OPムービー

ドルアーガの塔~the Recovery of BABYLIM~OPムービー

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