The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk is the first season of the Tower of Druaga anime reboot. It began airing on April 1, 2008, and concluded on June 20, 2008. It consists of twelve episodes and follows the journey of Jil, Kaaya, Neeba, and other adventurers climbing the mysterious Tower of Druaga. It was dubbed into English by FUNimation.

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  1. The Great Tower of Druaga and Jil's Adventure (Special episode aired alongside the first describing it from the party's view instead of Jil's)
  2. Meskia, the City in the Tower
  3. Before Departure
  4. Band of the Hand
  5. Ziusudra's Trap
  6. Bridge of Lightning
  7. Dance With the One-Winged Dragon
  8. Tower of Legend
  9. Eleven Nines
  10. Summer's End
  11. One Solitary Shield
  12. You Zapped To...


The opening theme, Swinging, is performed by Muramasa☆. The ending theme, Tōchōsha-tachi (塔頂者たち), is performed by Kenn, the voice of Jil.

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