The Sumer Empire in The Blue Crystal Rod

The Sumer Empire (スーマール帝国) is an aggressive empire ruled by Balarant located to the south of Babylim near the river Euphrates. When the empire heard about the Blue Crystal Rod in the skies of Babylim, they invaded the kingdom to claim the rod for them. They won the war and enslaved the survivors, making them build a large tower to reach the rod. When the tower was completed, the god Anu struck a lightning on it, destroying the tower and the Sumerian soldiers inside. Because of the Sumerian's actions, Druaga was able to revive and he rebuilt the Tower of Druaga for his purposes, later reviving the Sumerian soldiers that died in the tower to work for him.


The Sumer Empire invading Babylim in The Quest of Ki

After the events from The Quest of Ki, The Tower of Druaga and The Return of Ishtar, the player has the option to use a ship to go to the Sumer Empire in The Blue Crystal Rod. Depending of the player's action's Gil and Ki may discover that the empire was being manipulated by the demon Anshar.

In The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon, it's said that the Sumer Empire collapsed of internal strife after the Druaga War. Because of what happened in the past, the people of Babylim had feelings of hatred and resentment toward the empire.