Spell Cards

Spell Card (スペルカード Superu Kādo) is an item from the game Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga. Spell Cards are used by Gilsh and his opponents to summon allies and items.

There are four types of Spell Cards: Creature cards are the characters that assist the summoner, which includes knights, magicians, priests, slimes, undeads, animals and others. Equipment Item cards can be equipped by the player and in creatures, which are divided into weapons, armors and accessories. Consumable Item cards are used only once, which include potions and books. The Jewel Card contains a set amount of Deck Power to build the deck and will be in the player's Jewel Room during matches.

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Temporary notes on damage:

DrururuagaPhysicalA sword indicates physical damage, caused either by melee or archery. DrururuagaPhysicalDefense indicates how much physical damage is subtracted from any melee attacks on that creature.

Example: An character with a rating of DrururuagaPhysical攻撃 5 would end up dealing 1 damage to an enemy with DrururuagaPhysicalぼうぎょ 4

DrururuagaMagicalA staff indicates magical damage, which is usually caused from a distance. However, healing units (such as those in the Priest family) will instead heal this amount per cast, in which case DrururuagaMagical攻撃 5 would indicate 5 HP is restored with every heal spell.

Magic defense works the same as physical defense, except against magical attacks. DrururuagaMagicalぼうぎょ 4 would reduce a DrururuagaMagical攻撃 5 attack to 1 damage.

NOTE: Physical defense will not reduce the damage of magical attacks, and magical defense will not reduce the damage of physical attacks. Compensating for enemy defenses is an important part of a successful strategy.

DrururuagaFire are present in only seven cards, six of them being from the Dragon family.

The stats of the creatures can be increased or decreased with Equipment and Consumable Item cards.


  • Ground (じめん) - Ground level attack.
  • Poison (どく) - Attack causes poison to the target.
  • Exorcism (除霊) - A single hit on creatures from the Undead family will completely destroyed the target. The only exception are bosses, which are sent alive to their Jewel Room.
  • Flame (炎), Ice (氷), Light (光) and Dark (闇) - Elemental attacks.

DrururuagaStarA star indicates the rarity of the card. Three stars is the rarest.

List of Spell CardsEdit

For more details on the cards, see Creature Cards, Equipment Item Cards, Consumable Item Cards and Jewel Cards.

001Sword Knight (ソードナイト)Creature (Knight Family)
002Axe Knight (アックスナイト)Creature (Knight Family)
003Lance Knight (ランスナイト)Creature (Knight Family)
004Heavy Knight (へヴィナイト)Creature (Knight Family)
005Mirror Knight (ミラーナイト)Creature (Knight Family)
006Lizard Man (リザードマン)Creature (Knight Family)
007Mage (メイジ)Creature (Magician Family)
008Fire Mage (ファイヤメイジ)Creature (Magician Family)
009Break Mage (ブレイクメイジ)Creature (Magician Family)
010Through Mage (スルーメイジ)Creature (Magician Family)
011Priest (プリースト)Creature (Priest Family)
012High Priest (ハイプリースト)Creature (Priest Family)
013Monk (モンク)Creature (Priest Family)
014Exorcist (エクソシスト)Creature (Priest Family)
015Kalia (カリア)Creature (Priest Family)
016Archer (アーチャー)Creature (Human Family)
017Storm Soldier (ストームソルジャー)Creature (Human Family)
018Negotiator (ネゴシエイター)Creature (Human Family)
019Monster Tamer (モンスターテイマー)Creature (Human Family)
020Rogue (ローグ)Creature (Human Family)
021Necromancer (ネクロマンサー)Creature (Human Family)
022Amazoness (アマゾネス)Creature (Human Family)
023Sword Master (ソードマスター)Creature (Human Family)
024Gilgamesh (ギルガメス)Creature (Hero Family)
025Ki (カイ)Creature (Hero Family)
026"Barusutsūka" (バルスツーカ)Creature (Hero Family)
027Isis (イシス)Creature (Hero Family)
028Seti (セティ)Creature (Hero Family)
029Horus (ホルス)Creature (Hero Family)
030Clovis (クローヴィス)Creature (Hero Family)
031Valkyrie (ワルキューレ)Creature (Hero Family)
032Ogre (オーグル)Creature (Demi-human Family)
033Fairy (フェアリー)Creature (Demi-human Family)
034Goblin (ゴブリン)Creature (Demi-human Family)
035Mage Ghost (メイジゴースト)Creature (Undead Family)
036Fire Ghost (ファイヤゴースト)Creature (Undead Family)
037Will O' Wisp (ウィル・オー・ウィスプ)Creature (Undead Family)
038Skeleton (スケルトン)Creature (Undead Family)
039Vampire (バンパイヤ)Creature (Undead Family)
040Vampire Lord (バンパイヤロード)Creature (Undead Family)
041Green Slime (グリーンスライム)Creature (Slime Family)
042Black Slime (ブラックスライム)Creature (Slime Family)
043Mage Slime (メイジスライム)Creature (Slime Family)
044Heal Slime (ヒールスライム)Creature (Slime Family)
045Roper (ローパー)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
046Mud Element (マッドエレメント)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
047Golem (ゴーレム)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
048Fire Golem (ファイヤゴーレム)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
049Ice Golem (アイスゴーレム)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
050Big Rock (ビッグロック)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
051Mini Rock (ミニロック)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
052Magic Card (マジックカード)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
053Oyaji (オヤジ)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
054Fire Pot (ファイヤポット)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
055Trakon Puster (トラコンパスター)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
056Phoenix (フェニックス)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
057Kagekiyo (カゲキヨ)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
058Pac-Man (パックマン)Creature (Magical Creature Family)
059Dragonfly (ドラゴンフライ)Creature (Animal Family)
060Bat (バット)Creature (Animal Family)
061Snake (スネーク)Creature (Animal Family)
062Double Head (ダブルヘッド)Creature (Animal Family)
063Axe Beak (アックスビーク)Creature (Animal Family)
064Giant Leech (ジャイアントリーチ)Creature (Animal Family)
065Giant Toad (ジャイアントトード)Creature (Animal Family)
066Eagle (イーグル)Creature (Animal Family)
067Bo (ボー)Creature (Animal Family)
068Quox (クオックス)Creature (Dragon Family)
069Black Dragon (ブラックドラゴン)Creature (Dragon Family)
070Silver Dragon (シルバードラゴン)Creature (Dragon Family)
071Salamander (サラマンダー)Creature (Dragon Family)
072Wyvern (ワイバーン)Creature (Dragon Family)
073Basilisk (バジリスク)Creature (Dragon Family)
074"Dahakku" (ダハック)Creature (Dragon Family)
075Druaga (ドルアーガ)Creature (Demon Family)
076Anshar (アンシャー)Creature (Demon Family)
077Great Demon (グレートデーモン)Creature (Demon Family)
078Succubus (サキュバス)Creature (Demon Family)
079Evil Eye (イビルアイ)Creature (Demon Family)
080Nightmare (ナイトメア)Creature (Demon Family)
081Bronze Sword (ブロンズソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
082Rapier (レイピア)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
083White Sword (ホワイトソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
084Broadsword (ブロードソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
085Rune Sword (ルーンソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
086Samurai Sword (サムライソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
087Bastard Sword (バスタードソード)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
088Seiji no Tsurugi (せいぎのつるぎ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
089Ouja no Tsurugi (おうじゃのつるぎ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
090Dragon Buster (ドラゴンバスター)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
091Excalibur (エクスカリバー)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
092Soul Edge (ソウルエッジ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
093Dagger (ダガー)Equipment Item (Weapon: Dagger)
094Poison Dagger (ポイズンダガー)Equipment Item (Weapon: Dagger)
095Flame Dagger (フレイムダガー)Equipment Item (Weapon: Dagger)
096Freeze Dagger (フリーズダガー)Equipment Item (Weapon: Dagger)
097Bronze Lance (ブロンズランス)Equipment Item (Weapon: Lance)
098Steel Lance (スチールランス)Equipment Item (Weapon: Lance)
099Devil Lance (デビルランス)Equipment Item (Weapon: Lance)
100Enlil (エンリル)Equipment Item (Weapon: Lance)
101Stone Axe (ストーンアックス)Equipment Item (Weapon: Axe)
102Iron Axe (アイアンアックス)Equipment Item (Weapon: Axe)
103Daichi no Ono (だいちのおの)Equipment Item (Weapon: Axe)
104Utu (ウトゥ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Axe)
105Hunter Bow (ハンターボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
106Archer Bow (アーチャーボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
107Sniper Bow (スナイパーボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
108Nannaru (ナンナル)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
109Rusty Mattock (さびたマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
110Copper Mattock (カッパーマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
111Silver Mattock (シルバーマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
112Gold Mattock (ゴールドマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
113Wood Shield (ウッドシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
114Small Shield (スモールシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
115Red Line Shield (レッドラインシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
116Fire Shield (ファイヤシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
117Ice Shield (アイスシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
118Reflect Shield (リフレクトシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
119Spike Shield (スパイクシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
120Hyper Shield (ハイパーシールド)Equipment Item (Protector: Shield)
121Leather Cap (レザーキャップ)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
122Iron Helmet (アイアンヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
123Red Helmet (レッドヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
124Skull Helmet (スカルヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
125Holy Helmet (ホーリーヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
126Ishtar's Tiara (イシターのティアラ)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
127Spike Helmet (スパイクヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
128Hyper Helmet (ハイパーヘルメット)Equipment Item (Protector: Helmet)
129Leather Armor (レザーアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
130Chain Mail (チェインメイル)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
131Red Line Armor (レッドラインアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
132Skull Armor (スカルアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
133Holy Armor (ホーリーアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
134Gold Armor (ゴールドアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
135Evil Armor (イビルアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
136Hyper Armor (ハイパーアーマー)Equipment Item (Protector: Armor)
137Leather Glove (レザーグローブ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
138Plate Glove (プレートグローブ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
139Red Gauntlet (レッドゴーントレット)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
140Skull Gauntlet (スカルゴーントレット)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
141Holy Gauntlet (ホーリーゴーントレット)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
142Lead Bracelets (なまりのうでわ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
143Evil Gauntlet (イビルゴーントレット)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
144Hyper Gauntlet (ハイパーゴーントレット)Equipment Item (Accessory: Gauntlet)
145Amazoness' Sandal (アマゾネスのサンダル)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
146Lead Shackles (なまりのあしかせ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
147Turtle Boots (タートルブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
148Heavy Boots (ヘヴィブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
149Levitate Boots (レビテイトブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
150Imdorg Boots (イムドーグブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
151Jet Boots (ジェットブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
152Mach Boots (マッハブーツ)Equipment Item (Accessory: Boots)
153Potion of Healing (ポーション・オブ・ヒーリング)Consumable Item (Potion)
154Potion of More Heal (ポーション・オブ・モアヒール)Consumable Item (Potion)
155Potion of Mega Heal (ポーション・オブ・メガヒール)Consumable Item (Potion)
156Potion of Cure (ポーション・オブ・キュア)Consumable Item (Potion)
157Antidote (アンチドト)Consumable Item (Potion)
158Anti Petro (アンチペトロ)Consumable Item (Potion)
159Anti Stun (アンチスタン)Consumable Item (Potion)
160Anti Confuse (アンチコンフューズ)Consumable Item (Potion)
161Potion of Snake (ポーション・オブ・スネーク)Consumable Item (Potion)
162Potion of Golem (ポーション・オブ・ゴーレム)Consumable Item (Potion)
163Potion of Mage (ポーション・オブ・メイジ)Consumable Item (Potion)
164Potion of Berserk (ポーション・オブ・バーサーク)Consumable Item (Potion)
165Potion of Poison (ポーション・オブ・ポイズン)Consumable Item (Potion)
166Potion of Petro (ポーション・オブ・ペトロ)Consumable Item (Potion)
167Potion of Stun (ポーション・オブ・スタン)Consumable Item (Potion)
168Potion of Spin (ポーション・オブ・スピン)Consumable Item (Potion)
169Dragon Pot (ドラゴンポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
170Dark Pot (ダークポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
171Attacker Pot (アタッカーポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
172Defender Pot (ディフェンダーポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
173Barbarian Pot (バーバリアンポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
174Sniper Pot (スナイパーポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
175Power Pot (パワーポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
176Drain Pot (ドレインポット)Consumable Item (Potion)
177Book of Recycle (ブック・オブ・リサイクル)Consumable Item (Book)
178Bible (バイブル)Consumable Item (Book)
179Book of U Turn (ブック・オブ・Uターン)Consumable Item (Book)
180Book of Fire (ブック・オブ・ファイヤ)Consumable Item (Book)
181Book of Freeze (ブック・オブ・フリーズ)Consumable Item (Book)
182Book of Return (ブック・オブ・リターン)Consumable Item (Book)
183Book of Unsummon (ブック・オブ・アンサモン)Consumable Item (Book)
184Book of Rise (ブック・オブ・レイズ)Consumable Item (Book)
185Book of Heal All (ブック・オブ・ヒールオール)Consumable Item (Book)
186Book of Map (ブック・オブ・マップ)Consumable Item (Book)
187Book of Heat Body (ブック・オブ・ヒートボディ)Consumable Item (Book)
188Book of Protection (ブック・オブ・プロテクション)Consumable Item (Book)
189Summons on Anu (サモンズ・オン・アヌ)Consumable Item (Book)
190Summons on Ishtar (サモンズ・オン・イシター)Consumable Item (Book)
191Summons on Raman (サモンズ・オン・ラマン)Consumable Item (Book)
192Summons on Garu (サモンズ・オン・ガールー)Consumable Item (Book)
193Summons on Nergal (サモンズ・オン・ナーガル)Consumable Item (Book)
194Summons on Humbaba (サモンズ・オン・フンババ)Consumable Item (Book)
195Summons on Nabu (サモンズ・オン・ナブー)Consumable Item (Book)
196Summons on Nannaru (サモンズ・オン・ナンナル)Consumable Item (Book)
197Candle (キャンドル)Consumable Item
198Long Candle (ロング・キャンドル)Consumable Item
199Silver Timer (シルバー・タイマー)Consumable Item
200Gold Timer (ゴールド・タイマー)Consumable Item
201Crystal Orb (クリスタルオーブ)Jewel
202Black Orb (ブラックオーブ)Jewel
203Green Orb Rod (グリーンオーブロッド)Jewel
204Wood Opal Mace (ウッドオパールメイス)Jewel
205Red Orb Rod (レッドオーブロッド)Jewel
206Fire Opal Mace (ファイヤオパールメイス)Jewel
207Blue Orb Rod (ブルーオーブロッド)Jewel
208Marine Opal Mace (マリンオパールメイス)Jewel
209White Orb Rod (ホワイトオーブロッド)Jewel
210Snow Opal Mace (スノーオパールメイス)Jewel
211Green Crystal Rod (グリーンクリスタルロッド)Jewel
212Emerald Mace (エメラルドメイス)Jewel
213Red Crystal Rod (レッドクリスタルロッド)Jewel
214Ruby Mace (ルビーメイス)Jewel
215Blue Crystal Rod (ブルークリスタルロッド)Jewel
216Sapphire Mace (サファイアメイス)Jewel
217White Crystal Rod (ホワイトクリスタルロッド)Jewel
218Diamond Mace (ダイアモンドメイス)Jewel