Rajaf in The Blue Crystal Rod

The Rajaf Village (ラジャフの村) is a small village to the west of Babylim that appears in the games The Blue Crystal Rod, Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga and The Tower of Druaga: The Recovery of Babylim.


The Blue Crystal RodEdit

The Rajaf village has three people that Gilgamesh can talk with: A kid, a woman, and a elder. By talking with them, Gil can learn the path to the entrance of the Underworld in the Desert of Death.

Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

The Rajaf village is Stage 15, the first stage in World 3 (3-1). The boss is the Axe Knight "Black Knight Barudo". Horus joins the group after completing the stage.

The Tower of Druaga: The Recovery of BabylimEdit

Rajaf is a village northwest of Babylim that has a large blue crystal-like object floating in the center.

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