Kelb (ケルブ) is the leader of the Royal Army. He and Ethana lead King Gilgamesh's army into the Tower of Druaga to eradicate the monsters and Druaga. While he initially looks down on Jil and the Climbers, Kelb comes to realize that the Royal Army lacks the ability to defeat Druaga and survive the dangers of the Tower. He was once Ahmey's mentor.

Sometime after the events of The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, Kelb left the army because Gilgamesh had falsely taken credit for killing Druaga a second time. Shortly afterwards, he opened a tavern in the tower, and has been allowing Jil and Fatina to stay with him in The Sword of Uruk. With the appearance of Ki and increasing political instability, Kelb chooses to leave his tavern in the care of his employees to learn more about Gilgamesh, Ki, and Kaaya and their connection to the Tower after Jil, Fatina, and Utu depart with Ki to ascend the tower again. Upon learning the truth behind Gilgamesh's immortality, Kelb is able to bring reinforcements to Uruk to support the rebellion initiated and led by Ethana. As Jil and Kaaya slay Gilgamesh's shadow, Kelb defeats the true body of Gilgamesh. After the events in The Sword of Uruk, Kelb and Ethana marry.

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