Henaro (ヘナロ) is a druid who frequently dines at Kelb's Tavern, she is unfortunately forced to join Jil, Utu, and Fatina during their second ascent of the Tower of Druaga. Her weapon is a crossbow-like device that enables her to cast support related magic with magical bolts and also carries around a talisman in the shape of a rod that enables her to control the Coffin Knights. Though she initially appears as their ally, her loyalty apparently lies with Amina and she has been assigned to recover the four missing knights from Pazuzu's coffins. She is revealed to be Pazuzu's daughter and is addressed by her father as Hecate.

When the Coffin Knights appear, Henaro attempts to take control of them, though she is able to exhibit only limited control of them and recovers only Sword of Blood and Tear of Ice. As Jil's group nears the top of the Tower, she reveals that she has been spying on them as a regular at Kelb's tavern and betrays them when they refuse to turn back without Kaaya. After rendering everyone unconscious, Henaro takes Kaaya and Coopa and brings them to Gilgamesh. Though she willingly submits herself to Gilgamesh, Henaro turns against him after she sees how Jil still has faith in her. Shortly after Gilgamesh's defeat, she is killed by Neeba with a shot to the heart while trying to give Jil the Blue Crystal Rod. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in the English dub.


Henaro is a druid and utilizes a crossbow-like weapon that shoots magic arrows. She is commonly seen throughout the episode using support spells as well as the offensive. Her support spells are sleeping spells and speed support spells. She is capable of using support spells on weapons and shields by shooting at it, Though it is unknown what the effects are.