Fatina in The Aegis of Uruk.

Fatina (ファティナ) is the only female member of Neeba's party in The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk. She is a proud 16 years old magician. She admires Neeba, and has confessed to Jil that she wants to become Neeba's girlfriend, but Neeba's feelings towards her are unclear. Like Melt, she became a climber largely from a desire for personal profit, intending to climb the Tower of Druaga to use the power of the Blue Crystal Rod to become rich. Her purse has a strap made of an expensive leather that she carries as a reminder of her goal (she informs Jil she wanted a belt of it, but could not afford it.) In combat, she appears to use fire magic, utilizing a cannon-like staff weapon to cast spells. At episode 12 she is betrayed by Neeba and she is saved by Jil during the whirlpool incident in which they are the only known survivors.


Fatina in The Sword of Uruk.

In The Sword of Uruk, six months after Neeba and Kaaya's betrayal, Fatina became a tour guide and a souvenir seller to the Tower of Gilgamesh (originally the Tower of Druaga in Aegis of Uruk). She and Jil have been living with Kelb and she is concerned about his reclusive behavior, particularly wanting to help him overcome the betrayal they experienced with Kaaya and Neeba. However, Fatina soon joins Jil to climb the Tower again when they learn from a younger version of Ki that Kaaya will suffer a terrible fate otherwise. It is revealed she seeks revenge against Neeba and Kaaya for their betrayal and has been gradually getting over her feelings for Neeba. She subsequently reveals her feelings to Jil, but accepts his rejection given that he is not lying to her about his feelings about being in love with Kaaya. In the epilogue, Fatina and Utu are seen adventuring together. During their travels, they visit Kally's village and fulfill his wish. She is voiced by Yui Horie in Japanese and Jamie Marchi in the English dub.


Fatina has the ability to use fire magic and utilizes a staff that bears a similarity to automated weapons including bullets (she does not run out of these in any episode). She can be seen using very powerful fire magic to a point that she can defeat one of the four knights, though she experiences exhaustion later on. Fatina can use rapid firing spells and can also conjure a fire shield, it is of course less effective than that of Kaaya's. It is unknown whether she requires her staff to conjure up most of her fire magic.



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