A Chrono Orb (クロノオーブ) is a powerful magic orb that appears in The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon. Skulld uses the power of the Chrono Orbs to create a barrier around Ki in the Dark Ruins, telling the source of her power to Gilgamesh. When Gil mentions them to Calindra, she reveals details about them and where they are.

To break the barrier, Gil goes to the Underground Cave were the orbs are to destroy them. Five orbs act as the boss of the area: Chrono Orb Legs, Chrono Orb Abdomen, Chrono Orb Chest, Chrono Orb Arms, and Chrono Orb Head. ("Legs", "Abdomen", and "Arms" are called "Leg", "Body" and "Arm" in Japan.) The first four have 100 HP, and "Head" has 500 HP. As objects, they don't move nor attack, but are surrounded by several monsters that are attracted by their power, forcing Gil to destroy them as fast as possible to avoid being overwhelmed by the monsters. With the Chrono Orbs destroyed, Skulld loses her power and the barrier is broken, allowing Gil to return to the Dark Ruins.

In an optional side quest, a sage called Isak was studying a Chrono Orb Fragment for the benefit of the kingdom, trying to find a way to use it to amplify the shrine maidens' prayers, so their words can reach Ishtar's ears. However, it is stolen by one Akynd Knight, and Gil is requested to recover the fragment. After defeating the Akynd Knight in an intense battle and recovering the fragment, Gil learns of Isak's intentions and says he appreciates it, but asks him to stop his research. Gil says that the Druaga War started because of human greed, but as soon things go wrong for humans they always turn to the gods for help and protection, depending on miracles. Gil doesn't think it is right, saying that mankind should try to stand on their own and progress, but still keeping their faith in the gods.