Babylim in The Blue Crystal Rod.

Babylim is a location from the series. It is the kingdom where the Babylonian Castle Saga takes place and is home to Gilgamesh and Ki,


Babylim is a small kingdom, centered on a walled city. The kingdom is split in two by the Euphrates River.

In the northeast of the city is the temple of the goddess Ishtar. In the northwest is the royal palace. The city has two bridges - one in the north and one in the south - spanning the Euphrates River. There is a large ziggurat-like building in the east of the city.

To the northwest of the city is where the Tower of Druaga stands. Southwest of the tower is a small village. To the east of the city is a large plain inhabited by nomads, from which there is a route to the home of Garu. In the north is a forest, where there is a route to the temple of Raman and the lair of Succubus. In the west is a vast desert. Hidden in the desert is a path to the underworld.

In the southeast is the Cave of Elburz. In the south there is a ferry that can be ridden to the Sumer Empire.