Armor is an equipment from the Babylonian Castle Saga.


The Tower of DruagaEdit

Red Line Armor12
Hyper Armor52

The Tower of Druaga (PC Engine version)Edit

ArmorFloorMax. HPNotes
PCEArmorArmor (アーマー) - 15 (default)The armor Gil starts with.
PCERedLineArmorRed Line Armor
PCEBlackKnightArmorBlack Knight Armor
2333Knights won't pursue Gil.
PCEHolyArmorHoly Armor
3233Protects against three spells per floor.
PCEEvilArmorEvil Armor
53HP = 1Weakest armor. Appears in Blue Line Armor's place without a Balance.
PCEBlueLineArmorBlue Line Armor
5375Requires a Balance to be obtained, or else Evil Armor appears on its place.

Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

Armor is an equipment Spell Card.

129Card129Leather Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
130Card130Chain Mail
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
131Card131Red Line Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
132Card132Skull Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
133Card133Holy Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
134Card134Gold Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
135Card135Evil Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)
136Card136Hyper Armor
Equipment Item
(Protector: Armor)

The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino DungeonEdit

Golden Armor The armor Gil once wore when he went to do battle in the Tower of Druaga.
Bronze Armor Armor made of bronze.
Chain Armor Armor made of chain.
Brass Armor Armor made of brass.
Silver Armor Armor made of silver.
Platinum Armor Armor made of platinum.
Mythril Armor Armor made of the magic metal mythril.
Dragon Armor Armor made from the hide and scales of a dragon.
Crystal Armor Armor made of special crystal.
Hyper Armor Blue armor enchanted with powerful magic.
Fire Armor Armor that harbors the power of fire.
Ice Armor Armor that harbors the power of ice.
Thunder Armor Armor that harbors the power of thunder.
Aqua Armor Armor that harbors the power of water.
Light Armor Armor that harbors the power of light.
Dark Armor Armor that harbors the power of darkness.
Blue Knight's Armor Armor of the Sumer Empire's First Knight Brigade. Specially designed for ease of movement, even for the most inexperienced.
Black Knight's Armor Armor of the Sumer Empire's Second Knight Brigade. Said to hold the resentment of the prisoners forced to make them.
Mirror Knight's Armor Armor of the Sumer Empire's Third Knight Brigade. Rare in that it has a coating of protective mythril for strength.
Hyper Knight's Armor Armor of the Sumer Empire's Fourth Knight Brigade. Designed for strength, with only the idea of survival in mind.
Red Knight's Armor Armor of the Sumer Empire's Fifth Knight Brigade. Solidly built with a new metal discovered by alchemist Aquinas.
Akynd Knight's Armor Armor created by the evil god Anshar. Anshar's evil minions give the wearer their protection.
Counter Armor Armor with the magical power to reflect back Physical Attacks.
Blast Armor Armor able to blast the enemy away.
Arcane Armor Armor made of a metal created out of nothingness through alchemy.
Armor of Bravery Mystic armor that instills courage in its wearer.
Armor of Illusion Armor that makes its wearer difficult to spot.
Pacifist's Armor Sturdy armor enchanted with powerful defensive magic.
Necromancer's Garb Armor that contains the magical power of a necromancer.
Black Jail Armor so strong it could be compared to an impenetrable prison.
Symbol of Glory Legendary armor once worn by a great old general.
Diamond Armor Diamond-plated armor, thought to have been given to humankind's first king by the gods.
Nergal's Blessing Armor blessed by Nergal, god of war.
Watana's Armor Armor that Imperial Guard Watana forged himself.

Druaga Online: The Story of AonEdit

Gil starts with the Hyper Armor, and later can obtain other armors.

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