Ahmey (アーメイ) is a 19 years old warrior lancer, and the first person Kaaya recruits for her climber party.


She exhibits a quiet and stoic attitude most of the time, and often appears to be uncomfortable when forced to speak. Despite her initial reticence, Ahmey later reveals a more feminine and naive side to her companions.


As the most experienced member of the group, having traveled the furthest in the tower, she tends to act as a leader of sorts, as well as explaining the system and design of the Tower.

In combat she uses a lance which has a drill bit, rather than a simple blade, as the point. The drill can be activated via a ripcord.


Up until two years ago, Ahmey was in the army, and knew Sir Kelb (then an officer.) A man named Owen proposed to her during their campaign, but she declined, revealing later to Kelb that it was because she was afraid of her love and felt that she had nothing to offer him. As the Summer of Anu ended and the army retreated, Owen was killed. Ahmey's motivation for climbing the Tower of Druaga again appears to be in the hopes of using the Blue Crystal Rod to send a message to Owen, as apparently even the Rod cannot bring back the dead. During an initial attempt to defeat Druaga, Ahmey is fatally injured when Druaga pierces her heart from behind. However, her weapon remained embedded in Druaga's body and allows Jil to defeat the monster during the Climbers' second attempt to defeat Druaga.

A spirit of Ahmey later appears in episode 7 of The Sword of Uruk and encourages Jil to save Kaaya. She is voiced by Risa Hayamizu in Japanese and Brina Palencia in the English dub.



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